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KrungThep /ˌɡrʊŋ ˈteɪp/

Short for Krungthep Mahanakorn, the capital city of Thailand or simply Bangkok,the central point where every parts of the country draws together. 


Thai Cuisine has its own unique flavors originate from a bold and strong tastes of tradition.

There are four complex flavors of Thai food (spicy, sweet, sour and salty) that well blend in together.

KrungThep Tea Time is offering a modernity of traditional tastes and twist into sandwiches and salad. 

With our signature Thai twist sandwiches and our fine selected tea, we will bring you to touch another part of KrungThep (Bangkok city) that is exotic and classy. 

So.. Sandwich? Tea? or a nice story in KrungThep Tea Time?

Visit us


1051 W Fairbanks Ave.

Winter Park, FL 32789

Tel. 407.733.3561



“Putting Thai twist into sandwiches, isn’t it interesting?” 

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