EATER ATLANTA: 20 Must-Try Sandwiches in Atlanta

October 5, 2020

Try the Gra-Prow with chicken, fresh basil, onion, red pepper, and mozzarella tossed in spicy basil mayo on ciabatta or the Tomyum Goong made with marinated shrimp, white onion, cilantro, and pepper jack cheese on sourdough.



EATER ATLANTA: 14 New Atlanta Restaurants to Try

October 1, 2020

Beyond its popular Thai tea and coffee drinks, Krungthep is known for its sandwiches, salads, and desserts with a Thai twist. Food offered at the Atlanta location includes a selection of brick toasts and sandwiches, like the tomyum goong made with marinated shrimp, or the satay satay stuffed with chunks of marinated grilled chicken dressed in a curry peanut sauce. 



EATER ATLANTA: Thai Sandwich and Tea Bar Krungthep Tea Time Opens in Berkeley Park

September 11,


A location of Winter Park, Florida-based Krungthep Tea Time is now open for takeout and delivery from a ghost kitchen on Forrest Street in the northwest Atlanta neighborhood of Berkeley Park. Beyond its popular Thai tea and coffee drinks, Krungthep is known for sandwiches, salads, and desserts with a Thai twist.



Eat This, Not That!: The Best Chicken Sandwich in Every State

January 10,


FLORIDA: KrungThep Tea Time in Winter Park. You may never have guessed that a Thai fusion restaurant that specializes in tea-time sandwiches would top Florida's list of best chicken sandwiches, but the people have spoken (and with good reason!



Droolius: KrungThep Tea Time Expands To Atlanta

July 27,


KrungThep Tea Time is one of my favorite restaurants in Orlando, FL and they have recently announced there are opening in Atlanta! Krungthep offers a Thai twist on sandwiches, an extensive list of tea options and awesome desserts!




Tasty Chomps: 6 Hidden Gems in Winter Park: A Foodie’s Guide

August 25,


KrungThep Tea Time earns a spot on this list based off of its tea menu alone. This sandwich and tea shop also offers a long list of delicious bites, all with a Thai twist. Our personal favorite food item is the Gra-Prow Chicken pressed sandwich, which features chicken, mozzarella, fresh basil, red pepper, onion and the tastiest spicy basil mayo we’ve ever had.




Orlando Sentinel: 2019 Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards: Best lunch

February 28,


KrungThep Tea Time’s menu of sandwiches and salads infused with Thai flavors is always a nice lunchtime pick-me-up — especially when they’re paired with one of the restaurant’s tasty teas.




Orlando Weekly: Satisfy that craving with these 25 over-the-top Orlando snacks


This may be a tea shop, but their most famous dessert is a must-have: brick toast, which comes in seven different styles. The Queen Bee is cookies ‘n cream ice cream and honey on top of toasted sweet milk bread, and the Sleeping Beauty is vanilla ice cream, Nutella, fresh strawberries and honey



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January 31, 2019

Named for the capital of Thailand, KrungThep Tea Time doesn't offer bubble tea but it is well-known for milk tea combinations with grass jelly. Grass jelly, which is Similar in chewy texture to boba pearls, is made of a a plant in the mint family and offers a healthier alternative to boba. The popular tea shop on Fairbanks Avenue in Winter Park is known for its delicious iced Thai tea and also its full menu of speciality tea drinks that can be served over ice or hot. Low-caffine and caffine-free drinks are also available.



November 16,


​In an unassuming simple white building off the very busy Aloma Avenue in Winter Park, sits a uniquely named spot called KrungThep Tea Time. As you walk through the doors for the first time, not knowing what to expect, you are greeted with beautiful white and black decor with plenty of seating for the small Thai fusion based restaurant. A very instagramable spot in the corner is stark white with a cute couch and chandelier, perfect for those foodie pics you’ve been cultivating.


Shelix and I picked a spot right in the middle to really take in the full effect of the peace and quiet while soft music plays in the background. We ordered two teas, the Peach Tea, with actual peach slices on the bottom and one on top, and the Summer Rain, a gorgeous Bahama blue with purple and yellow layers that swirl together into striking colors. More



This hip Winter Park cafe features American staples like sandwiches and salads prepared with Thai flavors such as tom-yum and sesame-soy mayonnaise. The simple space with white-painted brick walls and whimsical touches also offers a wide selection of teas and sweet, towering “brick toast” desserts.


TRAVEL + LEISURE: 5 Restaurants to Up Your Dining Experience in Orlando

April 18, 2017

This Thai tea bar in Winter Park pays homage to Asian street foods like tom yum goong and panang pork by re-creating them as panini-style sandwiches. Don’t skip the dessert toasts, topped with red bean, matcha, or coconut ice cream.


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